Local Attractions

There are many activities in the surrounding area that you can partake in if you're not a cowboy or cowgirl.

Zanesville, established in 1801, has several historical sites, well known local artists, as well as many recreational activities. You could learn the area's rich history by visiting the National Road - Zane Grey Museum, drive across the city's unique "Y" shaped bridge, roam among several different pottery shops, browse through Alan Cottrill's Bronze Sculpture Gallery, or shop for antiques at the numerous stores in our area.

Nearby Dresden is the home of the Longaberger baskets and the world's largest basket. 

Neighboring New Concord is the home of Muskingum University and hometown of John and Annie Glenn. You can visit the original home where John grew up and experience what life was like for the astronaut and senator.

Historical Coshocton and Roscoe Village are also within half an hour drive from the Ranch.

The Wilds is a 10,000 acre wildlife conservation park. Safari tours take you through the homes of over 25 species of Asian, African, and North American wildlife.

There are six well known golf courses within a 45 minute drive from the Ranch, including two of Golf Digest's top 100 greatest public golf courses. They include EagleSticks Golf Club, Fuller's Fairways, Green Valley Golf Club, Jaycees Public Golf Course, Longaberger Golf Club, Vista View Golf Course, and Wildfire Golf Club.

Dillon State Park is also nearby.

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